Sat, Jul 20, 2019

EV Charging Station at Sweet Evalina's

Thanks to a Bright Ideas Grant earned by the Woodstock Green Energy Commission, Woodstock has received two FREE Dual Electric Vehicle Charging stations which will be donated and installed in town for the benefit of our community members, visitors and tourists.

One Dual EV charging station has already been installed at Sweet Evalina's on Rte 169, and the other is in the process of being installed at Woodstock Academy.

The Bright Ideas Grant, worth $9,000.00, was awarded to the Town of Woodstock for their accomplishments in supporting renewable energy in the community. Specifically, the installation of Solar PV at the Town Hall, Middle School, Elementary School, Highway Garage, Rte 169 Volunteer Firehouse and the Brownfield installation at the capped landfill. Additionally, from members of the community who also installed Solar PV at their homes and businesses to support energy conservation and to help preserve our environment.

Woodstock continues to be a leader in the state for supporting and promoting renewable energy and by being an example for other communities to follow.

We thank the members of the Woodstock Green Energy Commission for their selfless efforts, devotion and guidance in helping to preserve our precious environment through the yearly removal of thousands of tons of CO2 emissions from our atmosphere.

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