Mon, Aug 10, 2020

FAQ's Tax Collector

Q: What documentation is needed when disposing of a vehicle?

A copy of the cancelled plate receipt and in addition any one of the following

  1. Bill of Sale.
  2. Junkyard receipt.
  3. Purchase agreement identifying the trade-in vehicle.
  4. Out of state registration.
  5. Police/Insurance report stating vehicle 100% loss.

Q: What is the assessment date?

The assessment date is October 1st  of each year.  The next reevaluation is currently schedule for 2021.

Q: When did the Town perform it's last revaluation? Next revaluation?

The last revaluation was effective October 1st, 2016. The next revaluation will be in 2021. The Town will revalue property every 5 years.

Q: At what rate are properties assessed in Woodstock?

Properties are assessed at 70% of their fair market value as of the last revaluation.

Q: Are motor vehicles taxed?

Yes, the assessment is equal to 70% of the vehicle's retail value as reported by the N.A.D.A. on October 1st of each year.

Q: Is assessment information available on-line?

Yes, at This data is uploaded to the site quarterly. Hence, at any given time, the data may be two months old.  Currently, the only way to see real time information is to contact the assessor's office.


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