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Quasset School Advisory Committee

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Quasset School is a historical early American one-room school house, authentically preserved, continuing to provide ongoing educational instructions. It is located on Frog Pond Road, Woodstock, CT. It is open Sundays in July and August (except for July 4th) from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.


The school is a living museum used by Woodstock school children. In third grade, students spend a week in the Quasset School learning about Woodstock history and experiencing what school life would have been like in the 1800's.


Woodstock opened its first school in 1690 when at town meeting the citizens voted to teach and instruct their children to "read and cipher". The original settlers of Woodstock were required by the Massachusetts Bay Colony to provide instruction to their children in 1705. The last regular session at Quasset was June of 1944, giving Quasset the distinction of being one of the oldest one-room schools in America in continuous use, a little over 200 years.


  • Lewis Mills, who taught at Quasset for 3 years and later served as State Commissioner of Education. He was instrumental in establishing the use of grade levels.
  • George Washington Wells, an alumnus, became a partner and president of The American Optical Company established in 1869. George and his three sons in an effort to preserve the handcrafted artifacts of a vanishing past created at the Old Sturbridge Village Museum.
  • Anna Nelson, an alumna, became the model teacher for the town's schools. The bell on the Quasset School desk was hers when she taught at Quasset School.


  • 1690: First Public School established in Woodstock.
  • 1738: The first Quasset Schoolhouse (district #4) was built.
  • 1854 (approx. date): The current Quasset Schoolhouse was originally built.
  • 1944: The last regular session was held, giving Quasset the distinction of being one of the oldest one-room school districts in America in continuous use, a little more than 200 years.
  • 1954: Quasset moved to it's present location on the grounds of the Elementary School.The U.S. Commissioner of Education and Connecticut Governor Lodge dedicated Quasset School as a National Shrine to Public Education.
  • 1963: The Lt. Ambassador of England representing Woodstock, England presented Quasset School with a portrait of King George II and a replica of the Union Jack that would have flown for the 27 years that the school was under British rule. Two oak trees from the grounds of Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, England, birthplace of Winston Churchill, were planted near the building.


The full Quasset School Advisory Committee meets as needed, usually on the the date noted on the QSA calendar at the time noted on the QSA calendar  See the blue Calendar tab (above) for upcoming meetings.  Special Subcommittee meetings are scheduled as needed. Agendas and minutes are available at the Town Hall and on this website. Meetings are open to the public.


Currently there are seven members:

  • Michael Bernardi
  • Beverly Brazeal
  • Elaine Lachapelle
  • Myra Pratte, Chair
  • Edmond Seney
  • Irene Wheeler
  • Vacancy


Send regular mail to:
Quasset Advisory Committee
Woodstock Town Hall
415 Route 169
Woodstock, CT 06281-3039

Quasset School is open to the public Sundays in July and August (except for July 4th) from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.  It is located on Frog Pond Road, near the Woodstock Elementary School, off of Route 171.

You can also call the Board of Selectmen's Office at (860) 928-0208 x310 or email (click HERE) for information on how to contact the Quasset School Advisory Committee directly.


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