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Motor Vehicle bills are billed once a year in July for any vehicle that had an active registration on the previous October 1st.  The tax billing period is from October 1st to September 30th of any given year.  These bills are due and payable within 30 days or your name is reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles as a delinquent taxpayer, which may inhibit your transactions at the DMV.  All motor vehicle taxes in your name must be paid in full by cash or credit card to clear your name within 24 hours with the DMV.  If payment is made by check, a 10-day check clearance period is required before the tax department can clear your name with the DMV.

Motor Vehicle Supplemental bills are billed in January of every year for any new vehicles that were registered in your name during the time period October 1st through September 30th, that were not active on October 1st and, therefore, were not included with the July 1st Motor Vehicle bills.  These bills are prorated for the amount of time the registration was active until September 30th of any given year.  If these bills are not paid within a 30-day grace period, your name will also be reported to the DMV as being delinquent.

Please note:  All Motor Vehicle Releases are now electronic - paper releases are not accepted at the DMV.

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Your tax bills were delayed as the post office returned them to us for an incorrect address. The address on the Motor Vehicle bill is what the DMV has for a mailing address for your motor vehicle registration. When the post office returns the bill to us we readdress it, re-mail it, and then change it in the computer; all of which takes time and postage. The change in our computer will only correct the current list. The DMV sends a completely new list each year; therefore if it does not get changed in the DMV file it will be wrong again next year.

We are asking that you please change the address as soon as possible. The address as it appears on the label on your bill should be the correct address per the post office. We have enclosed an address change form for your convenience. Fill it out, fold over the bottom half, staple, stamp and mail. The DMV address is on the backside of the form.

Some examples of changes to be made are as follows:

  1. Zip Code
    If you have it listed as Woodstock 06281 and it should be Woodstock Valley 06282, they will return it 

    If you use a street address use 06281 or 06282 (whichever applies). Zip codes 06244 and 06267 only have PO Boxes. The post office will not deliver them to your street address.
  2. PO Box and Street Address
    If you have both PO Box and the street address listed the post office will return it. Use only the PO Box.
  3. Moving to a new address
    When moving to a new residence state statute 14-17A states you must change your address with the DMV within forty-eight hours. Failure to do so is an infraction.
  4. Condominium address
    When listing your address use your unit number and complex name. For example: #999 Woodstock Meadows.. Do not use the street address. If so your mail will be returned.

If you have any questions please contact the Tax Collector's Office at (860) 928-9469. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


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